Starter Homes vs. Forever Homes

It’s so easy to assume that the home you’re shopping for is the one you will live in for the...

Is it time for you to buy a bigger home ?

Houses are a bit like your kids’ shoes – before you know it, they don’t fit anymore. And, while you...


Chris Smith, Realtor

December 5, 2019

Here they come! Is your guest room ready?

The winter holidays are when we tend to get the most use out of our guest room. Other than that,...

Chris Smith, Realtor

November 5, 2019

5 of my favorite DIY home improvement/maintenance blogs

If you know me, you know that I would much rather try and DIY something rather than pay someone else...

Chris Smith, Realtor

October 30, 2019

Negotiation: There’s more than the price of the home to consider

Naturally, the price of a home is top-of-mind when talking about the negotiation aspect of a real estate deal....

Chris Smith, Realtor

October 21, 2019

Autumn: the perfect time to whip that mudroom into shape

Folks who live in areas of the country with wild winter weather use a vocabulary that sounds like a foreign...

Chris Smith, Realtor

October 14, 2019


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